38 Places of Innovation


In Europe, inventiveness thrives. The very existence of the European Patent Office underscores this statement, and the scope of its activities does so even more. This is the message captured by the art concept.


Europe’s unique national borders form the basis of the design. They are entities in their own right and in their manifestation as an ensemble. The viewer is able to instantly identify Europe, yet the visual effect is much more multifaceted. Europe as an inventive force is even stronger than it is on a political level, both in scope and vitality. On the one hand, the patent office serves 38 countries – exceeding the number of member states included in the European Union. On the other, the process of invention is dynamic, full of constant motion and change. While the contours of the countries denote the nations within them, the lines themselves don’t act as borders, but as interconnected loops. It speaks to the fact that the spirit of invention is expansive, and that everything is connected as a lively, inventive energy sweeps through Europe.