dium startbild


The images of this perpetually evolving opus are made of a special material. This material is not like a piece of wood, or canvas which must submit itself to being shaped. It is a piece of sky. Reaching for this material means going past the eaves and into the Parisian sky. Facades and roofs give shape to this sky by giving it a contour. This is what the eye sees when gazing upwards. Inner courtyards in Paris are unique thanks to the orderly way that the city was built in the 19th century – each of them gives shape to their own individual sky.
This has resulted in photographs where the focus is on the emptiness. And yet the emptiness of the sky becomes something that is the opposite of empty – something full. This is indicated through its shape, which extends in a language that goes beyond the actual photographs. It expresses itself in the form of abstract images, which in fact are concrete. This is because the shapes maintain their active connection to reality. They remain saturated by the sky over Paris.